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Edco HSS-14-1.5 Hardscape Saw

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Includes 14” Segmented Diamond Blade
Cuts interlocking pavers, 4” retaining wall block and brick, wet or dry
Shock mounted engine platform minimizes vibration for cleaner cuts
Hose hookup included to provide clean water supply
Unique pan drain relocates water away from worksite
Includes expandable ProCart for convenient working height
Patented dust control vacuum system is standard for dry cutting
Non-tilt Engine Platform
14″ Dry Cutting Diamond Blade included
Product Specifications:
Electric Powered
1.5 Horse Power,115/230 Volt
Single Phase
14 / 7* Amps
3450 RPM
Length 47 - "Width 28" - Height 57" on cart
Cart Weight - 155 lbs
Belts - Cgd "V" Belts
Maximum Cutting Depth 5"