CST/Berger Magna-Trak® MT200

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CST/Berger Magna-Trak® MT200 - Mod. 19-200SC

The CST/Berger Magna-Trak® MT200 is ergonomically designed for complete one-handed operation so your other hand is free to use other equipment. Easily locate ferrous objects underground, underwater, or in snow. Find PK nails, iron pipes, valve covers, masonry nails, manhole covers, cast iron water and gas lines, surveyors markers and more. The MT200 includes Power Line Indicator. 


  • Full Factory Warranty


  • Erase Feature - No
  • Power Line Indicator - Yes
  • Sensitivity Control - Yes
  • Volume Control - Yes
  • LCD Digital Display - Yes
  • Low Battery Indicator - Yes
  • Knob or Digital Controls - Digital Button