Husqvarna ELITE-GRIND G1440 Medium Redi Lock - 3 Pc

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Single or double H or convex segment with a medium bond for medium to hard concrete.


  • Easy and quick set-up of tools: Redi Lock is an instant and hassle-free system for changing diamond tools; no need for multiple sets of diamond holder discs; no time consuming and impractical screw-on-diamond systems
  • Easy tool selection: with only 3 bond hardnesses - soft, medium or hard bond - the selection of tools gets easy; this allows quick choice of toolkit for occasional use
  • Excellent working speed and tool life by dry grinding: Husqvarna recommends dry use of the tools; this improves the life of the tools and decreases your working hours, as no precious time is wasted on cleaning up slurry after the passes; wet grinding is still possible
  • High flexibility: both single and double quarter-round PCD with protective diamond strip are available, allowing you to adapt your choice of tool to the application and machine; double PCD segments are available for clockwise or counter-clockwise rotation
  • Optimized diamond selection: optimal diamond selection enables the highest performance available for a wide range of conditions and applications
  • Top performance: covers the surface preparation application in only 3 steps before using the resin tools for polishing application
  • Wide variety of applications: with an extensive range of 6 different specifications you can tackle a wide scope of surface hardnesses and applications, going from very hard to very abrasive concrete


  • Connector: Redi Lock
  • Coolant: Wet
  • Grit Size: 20
  • Amount of Segments: Double

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