DeWalt Premium Leather Welding Gloves

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DEWALT Premium Leather Welding Gloves - DXMF04051

Made from premium, grade-A buffalo leather, the DEWALT Welding Gloves are fire resistant and peferct for metal fabrication and welding.


  • GRADE-A BUFFALO LEATHER - Grade-A buffalo leather provides maximum abrasion resistance without sacrificing dexterity
  • FIRE AND HEAT RESISTANT - 100% leather shell provides excellent fire and heat insulation to protect against open flames, sparks, slag and spall
  • KEVLAR® THREADING - Glove features heat and fire resistant Kevlar® stitching throughout the entire glove
  • EXTENDED OPEN CUFF - Long, gauntlet-style open cuff is quick to put on and easily accommodates fire-resistant sleeves and jackets
  • REINFORCED WEAR POINTS - Leather reinforcing along the thumb saddle, palm, finger caps, and a drag patch for long glove life
  • ELASTIC WRIST - Snug-fitting elastic-sewn wrist keeps out debris while welding and allows the glove to be easily slipped on and off


  • Color: Black/Yellow
  • Length: 17.5"
  • Weight: 0.52 lbs