Bosch 2 Pc StarlockMax® Oscillating Multi-Tool Kit

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Bosch 2 Pc StarlockMax® Oscillating Multi-Tool Kit - Mod. GOP55-36B

The Bosch GOP55-36B StarlockMax®® Oscillating Multi-Tool Kit supplies a tool that features the Starlock® next-generation 3-D tool-accessory interface. This interface provides best-in-class accessory grip, which in turn generates extreme force transmission produced by the 5.5 Amp motor. With more contact surface area between the tool and accessory, the Starlock interface is a cupped 3-D tool-accessory connection that delivers greater torque transfer. This tool delivers a top speed of up to 20,000 oscillations per minute, and the tool provides a wide 3.6° oscillating arc, for greater productivity in cutting, grinding, scraping and other tasks. The no-touch blade-change system makes it easy to attach, remove or reposition blades. A variable-speed dial allows the user to set the optimal speed for the task at hand, and Constant Response circuitry maintains the desired speed under load. At under four pounds, this oscillating tool delivers an unsurpassed power-to-weight ratio. The GOP55-36 provides exceptional versatility and is compatible with all Starlock and StarlockPlus®® accessories – in addition to the industrial-grade StarlockMax® accessories for extreme-duty applications.


  • Starlock® 3-D tool-accessory interface – delivers best-in-class blade grip providing more torque transfer
  • Multi-tool versatility – accomplish flush-cutting, plunge-cutting, sanding, grinding, and many other tasks
  • Dynamic accessory range – utilizes all Starlock®, StarlockPlus®® and StarlockMax®® accessories
  • Extreme power – driven by a 5.5 Amp motor with reinforced metal gearing
  • 3.6° oscillating arc – delivers better accessory utilization and increased productivity
  • Snap-in toolless accessory attachment and release lever – allows a no-touch, easy release of blade; no more burned fingers
  • Flush cutting – provides a design that is ideal for flush cuts such as door jamb cuts using various plunge or segment blades
  • Constant Response circuitry – maintains the desired speed under load
  • Variable-speed dial – rotates from 8,000 to 20,000 oscillations per minute to match speed to application for outstanding results
  • Compact build – reaches into corners and other tight spaces
  • Ergonomic design – features a narrow grip diameter, for user comfort
  • Reinforced metal gearing – offers well-built construction for optimal force transmission from the tool to work surface
  • Ball-joint cord swivel – for enhanced ease of positioning tool and for cord durability
  • Full Factory Warranty


  • Amperage - 5.5
  • Case Type - Bag
  • Height - 3.75"
  • Length - 11"
  • Weight - 3.5 lbs
  • Material - Aluminum and Plastic Composite
  • Oscillating Angle - 3.6°
  • Oscillations Per Minute - 8,000-20,000
  • Speed Type - Variable
  • Voltage - 120V


  • (1) OSM114F 1-1/4" Plunge Blade
  • (1) Accessory Box
  • (1) Carrying Bag